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Modern Farmhouse Area Rugs

One of the biggest challenges of having hardwood all throughout our home is finding area rugs.  This is my first home that did not have carpet installed in at least the family room and bedroom.  When we first moved into our new house, it felt so cold, and the echo was crazy.  The hunt for beautiful, affordable area rugs started shortly after.

Finding My Rug Style

Since we have a modern farmhouse style in our home, I was trying to avoid anything too traditional.  One of my favorite looks is a vintage rug, which appears faded in some spots.  This effect can turn a semi traditional looking rug into the perfect modern farmhouse rug.

Rugs for our Family’s Lifestyle

I also did not want to spend a ton of money, because LITTLE BOYS.  The last thing I wanted to do was panic over my kids possibly messing up an expensive rug.  After all, they would be the ones laying around, playing games, and wrestling on them the most.  Buying a darker colored pattered rug for the family room was a must.

Below are some of the area rugs that we have in our home.  If you click on any of my rugs, it will take you right to the store that you can purchase them from.  As you can see, I tried to keep with the same basic color scheme throughout since we have an open floor plan.  The playroom is the upstairs bonus room, so it does not need to flow with the other rooms as much.

Click on any rug to shop!

Kitchen Runner

These are so perfectly neutral with the jute, and the gray border matches our island color.  My only issue with these rugs would be that they do have some staining since they are in the kitchen and light colored.  Luckily, they are SO INEXPENSIVE!  The runner is under $40 and we also have a small one in front of our sink that was even cheaper.  They say to spot treat only, but I am going to attempt to throw the small one in the washer on delicate to see how it holds up (I will update you all soon!)  If it doesn’t hold up, I am definitely just buying another one. At that price, I am very satisfied if it made it a full year of kitchen abuse!

Woodland Nursery

This rug is so soft and fluffy.  It is perfect for Kolton’s bedroom!

Formal Living Room

I needed a light colored neutral rug with gray in it.  It was really tough to find one that did not have too much ivory or yellow creamy color in the background.  This one is PERFECT.  The living room is “Mommy’s good room” so the kids should not be playing or eating anywhere near this one.

Formal Dining Room

This rug gives my dining room the perfect pop of color, but since it is on the floor and the vintage style makes it appear faded, it is nowhere near overbearing.  The navy ties into the rest of my decor and there are subtle specks of a color that is very similar to our Sea Salt paint color.

Family Room

As I mentioned earlier, the kids are in this room all the time, and it is right next to our kitchen table.  Either my kids are not as dirty as I thought, or this rug does an amazing job at hiding it!  The color is not a deep navy, but a brighter navy.  There are also specks of a color that is similar to Sea Salt in this one.


I love this color for our playroom.  We also have a lot of gray up there.  Someday I plan on painting mountains on the wall in shades of gray and the color of this rug.  I needed a huge rug to protect the floor, and this one was the perfect size.  My only complaint is that the Legos do get lost or buried in the shag sometimes.


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