White Painted Cabinets
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Top 5 Reasons to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

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White Painted Cabinets
Painted White Cabinets
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Maple Cabinet Makeover

When we purchased our home, one of the first things we knew had to go were the maple kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, even though they are builder grade cabinets, they were upgraded with crown molding, trim, and dimension with bump and stagger. The only thing terribly outdated was the maple color. With the brown granite and deep red paint on the walls, it felt like a dark Tuscan wine room.

Maple Cabinets
Our Cabinets Before

Painted Cabinets

I knew I wanted a light, bright and airy kitchen, so we made the decision to paint the cabinets white and the island gray. We are THRILLED with the results, so I’m sharing my top 5 reasons why painting the kitchen cabinets was the BEST decision we could have made.

White Kitchen Cabinets
I love the clean airy look

1. Biggest bang for our buck

We considered purchasing all new cabinets, which would have cost $20k or more. Painting the cabinets cost us around $1,500 and the difference was SO DRAMATIC! It made such a difference, that the cabinets looked like that had been completely replaced. Of all the renovations that we did, the white painted cabinets made the biggest impact at a relatively lower cost. This leads to my next point…

2. Try before you buy

Even though the style of our cabinets are pretty timeless, eventually we will consider replacing them. We would love taller, 42″ cabinets, possibly stacked cabinets, and I may want to change the style of the doors. Since replacing the cabinets is such a huge investment, choosing a color will be a big decision. In the meantime, I have a few years to find out what I do and don’t like about white cabinets, and how it fits into the remodeling of the rest of our home. Since we gutted our entire house before moving in, we had to make design decisions on EVERYTHING, which is overwhelming. Our painted cabinets give us a great look into the future if we decide to replace.

Maple Cabinets
White Painted Cabinets

3. We chose and own our paint color

Typically when you purchase cabinets, the color is proprietary to the cabinet maker. Since we had ours painted, we got to select our paint color from Sherwin Williams. We went with Pure White, which is also the color of the crown molding, baseboards, doors and trim throughout our home. Everything matches beautifully and seamlessly. Should we ever choose to add boxes on top of our cabinets, we already know the exact color. Since we have a can of our paint, touch ups are such a breeze, and happen frequently because…

4. Little boys are ROUGH on cabinets

About a month after we moved in, my 2 year old at the time took a pen to one of the cabinet doors. I panicked, grabbed a magic eraser, and started to scrub my heart out. I clearly didn’t think that through because not only did I get rid of his drawing, but also some of the white paint. Thankfully, my husband touched it up with our spare paint that night and it’s as good as new. He has since done the same for marker, grubby hands, and where toy trucks have endlessly crashed into the cabinets. Can you imagine if we would have paid over $20k for new cabinets and these things happened?!? Painting cabinets is the perfect way to change the look of your kitchen until your kids are umm, calmer and cleaner.

White Kitchen Cabinets
White Kitchen Love

5. Painted cabinets are here to stay

Just a few years ago, there were really only two common main finishes of cabinets: stained wood, or white. Painting over wood seemed scary because you thought white was your only option and you couldn’t easily go back to wood. Now, there are so many beautiful painted cabinet color choices and inspiration that your possibilities are endless should you get tired of white. Gray, navy blue, sage green, and any combination of these and more could be used. We painted our island gray in order to give the kitchen a little contrast As our home styles continue to evolve, painted cabinets will continue to provide a wow factor and an opportunity to change the look of your home. Changing up the paint color is an easy and cost effective way to update your kitchen cabinets and even go out on a whim with a new color trend.

Kitchen Island Before Painting
Rustic island before paint
Island painted Dovetail
Kitchen Island after painting

If you have questions about our kitchen transformation, I would love to answer them. Drop a comment below!

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  1. Painted cabinets are a great way to save money on refreshing cabinetry and kitchen remodeling in general. Since major cabinet renovation doesn’t always offer the best ROI, it’s always a good idea to make minor updates such as refacing or repainting the cabinets. Of course, there are other variables at play as well.

    1. nippersnook says:

      Thanks for your comment Paul. It sure was a budget friendly way to completely bring our kitchen up to date!

  2. Really enjoyed this blog.Thanks Again. Will read on…

  3. Hi
    I’m in the same boat with practical they same granite. What color did u paint the walls?

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